Anarkali – the story of an everlasting love

The fashion industry in India is one of the most lavish and colourful in the world, generously displaying the most dazzling fabrics and the most captivating designs. Generations of trends mix and match, and the fusions are equally fascinating to see, flooding the streets of India with such a diverse assortment. The Anarkali suits are just one of these many elegant styles that have been embraced by many, including the majority of Bollywood actresses. So let’s appraise this high taste of fashion and dive into the mysterious past of the Anarkali suits.

To begin, the Anarkali suits are a type of Salwar-Kameez that includes what the name indicates: a pair of salwar which are pantaloons that are loose-fitting at the waist gradually slimming towards the ankles and a kameez which is a body shirt that has a distinct but complementary cut to it. The Anarkali suits are majestically designed, usually displaying exquisite embroidery designs in varying lengths. The top kameez has a length that can be usually between mid-knee and can go all the way to the floor. The salwaars are thin, sometimes similar to leggings which deem it uniquely breezy yet fitting to the body to compliment the natural shape.  

But with such a stunning and glamourous finish to each piece, what exactly was the catalyst of these incredible works of fashionable art? The Anarkali suits are woven with a tragic yet romantic love story that is threaded into them. Naturally, this has resulted in an everlasting symbol of beauty that we can enjoy even until today. Centuries ago, during the Mughal empire in the 17th century, the mujra dance was popular and a special garment was worn by those dancing in the royal palaces with a flared skirt at varied lengths, mostly for women it will end at the ankle, men also wore anarkalis, but at a different height where their skirt would end at thigh height or just above the knees. Emperor Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar was reigning at that time, who had courtesans performing for him extravagantly. Legend says that one of these courtesans was named Anarkali, who had been so astonishingly gorgeous that the Emperor’s son, Prince Salim, fell in love with her, however, there was no happy ending to this love story, as Anarkali was punished for falling in love with a royal prince as her status did not permit her to do so. She was captured by the royal guards and they were instructed by the Emperor to build a brick wall around her whilst she was still alive. The word Anarkali is translated into “a delicate bud of the pomegranate flower”, which encapsulates the essence of the Anarkali suits that have immortally lasted until today- fragile, graceful, and lavish.

Although the love story had a heart-breaking ending, its intensity of emotions has left the Anarkali suit with a timeless beauty that continues to dazzle to this day. While centuries have passed, the Anarkali suit has gone through countless transformations, fitting it to the beauty standard of each generational trend. It is comfortable to wear yet ravishing with its designs and cut. It is extremely versatile and can be worn to many different festivities, receiving the same sensational praise everywhere. The sleeve length can vary as well as the neckline, making this an extremely flexible fashion choice for all different body shapes as its length and design can be tailored to compliment your style At Laakha, the Anarkali suits are an absolute gem and will add more than just a glimmer to your wardrobe. Spending time thinking about what to wear will vanish since this will be your new favourite outfit to wear. 

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