The Royal Jacquard Weaves. Which dress will be perfect for your wedding.

Which dress will be perfect for your wedding.

India is significant for its rich culture and the main essence of it being our unique style of modest clothing which is the evergreen salwar kameez. It is a sign of sheer elegance and this versatile Indian ethnic wear is favoured among women of all ages and physique.

The classic beauty has its roots from the Mughal era. The regalia forms a quintessential part of every Indian women’s wardrobe. Salwar kameez is a wonderful medley of three pieces of clothing which consists of the salwar which is the bottom loose fitted pants, the kameez which is the top and a long unstitched fabric called the dupatta or shawl.

With time and evolving trends in the fashion industry, these age old beauties have been transformed into various styles and patterns customising the original genre. Today, we will look into the classic style that is constantly keeping up with the Indian ethnic vogue.. The ever popular punjabi suits or patiala suits.

Overview and History of Punjabi suits( Patiala)

Now, if you’re wondering what a patiala is and how different it is from the original salwar kameez, then here you go. Patialas are loosely fitted pajama pants defined by a lot of pleats at the lowest part. In order to achieve the cascading pleated design twice the amount of a normal salwar fabric is used. The pleats are intricately sewn around the waistline which gives a gorgeous flowy look to the bottom. A patiala pant is ideally paired with a short kameez and dupatta.

In the earlier days, the outfit was made as a royal dress for the Nawabs of Patiala( a city in the state of Punjab). They were stitched with rich fabrics like Brocade and silk to lend a regal touch and appearance. Nowadays, patiala suits have a more casual use as well. They look equally graceful in fabrics like cotton, crepe and georgette which gives more comfort and makes them wearable on an everyday basis.
So now that you have an idea of this classic style, let’s have a look at Laakha exclusive Punjabi suits collection.

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