The fashion industry in India is one of the most lavish and colourful in the world, generously displaying the most dazzling fabrics and the most captivating designs. Generations of trends mix and match, and the fusions are equally fascinating to see, flooding the streets of India with such a diverse assortment. The Anarkali suits are just one of these many elegant styles that have been embraced by many, including the majority of Bollywood actresses. So let’s appraise this high taste of fashion and dive into the mysterious past of the Anarkali suits.
June 28, 2022
India is significant for its rich culture and the main essence of it being our unique style of modest clothing which is the evergreen salwar kameez. It is a sign of sheer elegance and this versatile Indian ethnic wear is favoured among women of all ages and physique.
May 31, 2020